熱血時報 | Thou shalt not use the Lord thy God’s name in vain

Thou shalt not use the Lord thy God’s name in vain

Thou shalt not use the Lord thy God’s name in vain

In late 2016 and early 2017, Baggio Leung and Yau Wai Ching from Youngspiration created a ruckus in the Legislative Council, Hong Kong’s Parliament, when they invoked the term “chi na” during their taking of oath ceremony prior to assuming their seat for the first time. In the expected uproar which followed, Baggio Leung tried to pass off “chi na” as an accent from Ap Lei Chou (Aberdeen Island) rather than owning responsibility for his action, while Yau Wai Ching tried to pass off her “refucking chi na” as a matter of bad English. They were subsequently disqualified from their position as elected members of the Legislative Council for failing to adhere to LegCo’s internal ordinance regarding the taking of oath process. Their irresponsible antics had caused the downturn of the Hong Kong Localist brand as the lay population mistakenly associated them as localists, turning a force on the ascent to a sliding retreat as the average Hong Konger looked down on the localist faction due to Leung and Yau’s immature antics.

Back then, the pro-China forces tried to kick the localists while they were down, vilifying their image as a bunch of irresponsible brats. In recent weeks, however, the table has turned when Junius Ho, as the host of a demonstration calling for the University of Hong Kong to cancel Benny Tai’s tenure for organising Occupy Central (which never happened), declared on stage that anyone calling for Hong Kong independence should be “killed without mercy”. Off stage, he confirmed his stance by saying that anyone who would damage China’s sovereignty and hurt the interest of China’s 1.3 billion should be killed, likening it to slaughtering pigs and dogs or killing in the course of war. In the cries of condemnation that followed from democracy advocates, Junius Ho pulled a Baggio Leung and Yau Wai Ching, using various denials to pass off his words as of no consequence, and accusing his critics as having much ado about nothing. His opponents began combing through his personal details and found that not only did he falsify his qualifications as a practicing solicitor in England, Wales and Singapore, but that he had in his possession of a statue of Guan Yin (Bodhisattva of Mercy or Avalokitesvara) and possibly owning a Kuman effigy (a stillborn human foetus used as a talisman in Thai necromancy), when an eagle-eyed democracy activist noticed them in the background during one of Junius Ho’s Facebook livecast. While the practice is somewhat frequent for Hong Kongers who are into South-eastern Asian religious practices, Junius Ho had professed himself to be a devout Christian, where the worship of idols and use of magic is deemed a serious sin. Acting like an immature “blue ribbon”, Junius Ho denied having committed idolatry, first arguing that the Guan Yin statue is a piece of Chinese culture and that as a Chinese it was absolutely normal, and then claiming that it was his mother who put it there, again accusing his opponents of blowing an insignificant matter out of proportion. On the matter of his “mother putting it there”, Junius Ho is a married adult man with his own home and family. Is he still a “mommy’s boy” who allows his mother to dictate his life?  However, as a fellow Christian, I must dispute his claim to being a devout Christian.

In the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20: 1-7, God has made clear that idolatry is absolutely forbidden. It is a matter so serious that it ranks as one of the top two amongst the ten. Later on in the Old Testament, we see how much God detested idolatry in 1 Samuel 5, when He afflicted harm to the Philistines as they placed the Holy Ark of the Covenant with their sacrilegious idols, or in 1 Kings 11 as He admonished and punished Solomon for falling into idolatry. He did the same against Jeroboam in 1 Kings 13-14. He destroyed the Kingdom of Judah and Israel for falling into idolatry. He protected Daniel and his friends for refusing to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol. In 1 Samuel 28, Saul was admonished for dabbling in necromancy and magic. If Junius Ho is a devout Christian as he claims to be, these biblical stories wouldn’t be alien to him. There is simply no room for negotiations in this matter, as Christ has said “no one can serve two masters, you shall come to love one and hate the other”. Saint Paul said that even though a follower of Christ understands that an idol does not have divine power and the deity it represents is a false god, it is best for any self-respecting Christian not to be seen to have anything to do with an idol, lest it cause misunderstanding for any new followers of Christ or the non-Christian. Junius Ho’s argument simply doesn’t hold water according to God’s commandments.

However, the problem at large is more than Junius Ho’s attempt to excuse himself owning a Guan Yin statue or even possibly dabbling in necromancy magic. The problem is that these pro-China and pro-establishment self-styled Christians are claiming to be followers of the Lord. What is worse is the so-called “shepherds of the Lord”, one of whom is Archbishop Paul Kwong from the Hong Kong Anglican Church. who speak on behalf of totalitarian China and condemn those who are defending their God given rights and freedoms. On one hand they profess to be God-fearing people, but on the other hand they contravene everything Christ taught and even urge people to do on God’s behalf. Often they cite Saint Paul’s call for Christians to obey the government but omit God’s demand for any governing body to be just and righteous. The Bible has illustrated time and again in the Old and New Testament that any unjust governing should be challenged, and that an ungodly ruler should be disposed of by the people called out by God to overthrow that head of state or government. For example, in 1 King 11-14, God called out Jeroboam to setup the Kingdom of Israel independent of the Kingdom of Judah when Solomon unapologetically fell into idolatry, and Jeroboam himself was overthrown by others called by God when he also committed idolatry. There is no better example of challenging and upsetting an unjust status quo than Jesus Christ Himself, who stood up to the Jewish Sanhedrin and the Roman overlords.

This pro-establishment and pro-China oligarchy in Hong Kong, in invoking the Lord’s name to justify their brutal suppression of the Hong Kong people, has committed the first three sins of the Ten Commandments:

1. “Thou shalt not have any other gods before Me”

These apostates hold the Chinese communists higher than God Himself, where the orders of the Party carry more weight than God’s orders.

2. “Thou shalt not worship any idol or graven images”

These apostates worship Mammon or wealth founded on greed, and they also worship a satanic power rather than the holy and righteous power of the Lord.

3. “Thou shalt not use the Lord thy God’s name in vain”

These apostates love to invoke the Lord’s name to justify their actions and condemn the opposition, but it’s tantamount to putting satanic words into God’s “mouth”.

It doesn’t take a prophet to know what God would say to people such as Junius Ho:

“Away from Me for I never knew you! For you who hate me so, I will punish you and your children to the third and fourth generation! Repent!”