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China’s Instrumentality Project

China’s Instrumentality Project

In Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime classic amongst Japanese anime enthusiasts world-wide, tells of a “New Order” secret society known as SEELE which plotted a plan to end all human conflicts by merging every human soul under one being, destroying any sense of individuality in the process by eradicating every existential barrier – including bodily existence as individual persons – so that people’s shortcomings would be complimented by their strengths. This would be achieved, according to SEELE, by using an angelic being known as Adam to eradicate human kind’s mental and bodily barrier dubbed the “AT Field”, reducing every person into their spiritual soul, then forcibly merge every soul in the body of another angelic being known as Lilith. This ultimate human sacrifice was known as the Instrumentality Project.  (Disclaimer: I’m not an avid devotee to NGE so please excuse this rather simple explanation.)

Back in the real world, in China’s 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping laid out 14 points for his vision for the Chinese state and its place on the global stage, to which he declared that it will be a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The initial point already highlighted the crux of his vision: the Party will dictate everything, but the rest seemed rather benign until the last two points. The last point reiterated the first one: the Party will ruthlessly dictate everything, but the second last one tells of a far-reaching and insidious objective: promoting the construction of a united body for the future of humankind. For anyone privy to what China has been doing around the world, this is a blatant yet veiled declaration of Xi Jinping’s ambition to initiate Pax Sina, as opposed to Pax Britannia and Pax Americana. In other words, he wants to start China’s Instrumentality Project in earnest and in all haste.

The Belt-and-Road Initiative is the Chinese Spear of Longinus

In the Evangelion narrative, each person or being possesses its own “AT Field”, a metaphysical barrier that protects the individual from mental, psychological and even physical harm but what is known as the “Spear of Longinus” is capable of penetrating this barrier. In the real world, each country has its own “AT Field” that prevents other states from interfering with its domestic issues known as the Treatyof Westphalia or the notion of Westphalian sovereignty but globalism and the idea for a global village of interdependency has been breaking down this Westphalian “AT Field”. In forming its “Belt-and-Road Initiative”, China has in fact created its own “Spear of Longinus” that is capable of affecting and interfering with other countries’ policies, and in his 14 points Xi Jinping had declared intention to direct globlalist politics as its driver rather than as a participant, highly suggestive that he intends use this “Belt-and-Road Initiative” as the Spear of Longinus in piercing through each country’s sovereignty barrier to direct, if not dictate, other nations and their governments.

Ever since China announced its plans for the “Belt-and-Road Initiative”, it has been ‘promoting’ globalist values and lobbying government officials around the world, but particularly in friendly nations in the free world, to participate in China’s various regional and global endeavours such as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). It has wooed other developing nations such as those in Central and South America with “unconditional” lending, or entice under-developed nations such as those in Africa with financial and infrastructural investments that claims to provide jobs and skills for the local populace, as a counter to the West’s conditional investments and the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund’s “overlordship” in international politics. However, the fox has exposed its tail so to speak, revealing a more insidious side to the seemingly generous gesture by the Chinese in providing economic assistance to friendly nations. One good example is Sri Lanka, whereby China enticed the Sri Lankan government into borrowing Chinese money and welcoming Chinese construction into the country to build a new port and international airport, seemingly with no strings attached, but upon its completion the Sri Lankan government realised that there was no world-wide patronage as the Chinese had promised in their sales propaganda; however, Sri Lanka now has a huge financial debt to repay the Chinese loan and because they have no money to pay, China has arranged that the Sri Lankan government can repay by other means, such as allowing China to dictate Sri Lankan government policies.

Corruption from the top

Yet, China is gaining ground in selling their “Belt and Road Initiative” as well as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, by lobbying government officials and business magnates in other countries, enticing them with the prospect of developments and greater opportunities if they cash in on China’s “Belt and Road” and become a member of the AIIB. For example, in Australia, we have the former New South Wales State Premier Bob Carr, who formed the Australia China Relations Institute at the University of Technology, Sydney, who have been pushing for Australians to accept China’s encroachment into the country, with rhetoric that many Hong Kongers would find familiar, claims such as China is the future for Australian prosperity and that any opposition is unrealistic. Again using an Australian example, former Prime Minister Paul Keating and current Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have been actively promoting dealings with China, condemning oppositions of xenophobia and protectionism, citing globalist values and endless development in their promotion for more China oriented policies in Australian society. The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd are also in this pro-China stance, pushing for greater ties with totalitarian China, and interestingly enough, both have family ties with China as Turnbull and Rudd have Chinese daughter-in-laws with parents formerly part of the communist echelon.

The Chinese have also been proactive in subverting democratic legislatures in the free world. For example, in New Zealand, there was the recent scandal on Jian Yang, a member of New Zealand’s Parliament that was exposed for having past ties with Chinese Intelligence and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), something he did not declare. Yang has also been revealed as acting as the bridge between Chinese officials and New Zealand government officials and members of Parliament. Yang vehemently denies the allegations even though he admitted to having been an English language teacher for Chinese spies in the PLA. Across the Tasman Sea in Australia, it is becoming a common sight to see Chinese residents competing in local elections as councillors in various city councils, where the candidates were found to have ties with China’s United Front department. A rather dated example is the Western Australian senator Dio Wang from the Palmer’s United Party, who was quoted for claiming that the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre was the right choice of action for the Chinese regime in ensuring later on prosperity and unity. On a global level, the Chinese not only have control over the United Nations through their veto privilege on the UN Security Council but now also have one of their own sitting on the top post at Interpol. In the scandal involving the Chinese fugitive Guo Wengui, or Alex Kwok as one of his aliases, it was Interpol acting under the orders of their Chinese President, Meng Hongwei, when they issued an arrest warrant on Guo Wengui on the charge of corruption. The same scandal also revealed that the Chinese had planted their own agents in Voices of America (VOA), a U.S. government-funded international news broadcaster, when an online interview with Guo was suddenly cut short on the orders of its Chinese staff while its director was on leave at the time of the incident.

Another area that the Chinese are asserting their influence and control is higher education, whereby Confucius Institutes are opened at university campuses around the world with the mission to “promote” Chinese culture and the “correct way” of approaching China-related issues and studies. Aside from the Confucius Institute, China is also putting pressures on tertiary education institutions world-wide, for example, the University of Cambridge was coerced to take certain articles off their university publications that the Chinese saw as critically against China. Another example is in the University of Sydney, whereby certain lecturers were made to resign after they had given lectures that did not paint China in a good light. The Australian Intelligence have warned and advised its government that the number of Chinese spies have grown in recent years, revealing that the Chinese consulates in Australia have been actively keeping tabs on overseas Chinese students in Australian secondary schools and tertiary education institutions; furthermore, the Chinese have been exposed for sending its agents disguised as overseas students into universities to watch over lecturers and local students who maybe promoting critical thoughts against Chinese interests, or supporting movements such as the Taiwanese push for an official declaration of independence and the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution.

The Chinese have also been buying or courting Western media for their own ends, such as Times’ recent publication praising the Chinese model as something better than the West, or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg disgustingly glossing over China. A recent article revealed that China’s propaganda department has been buying advertisement on Western social media in promoting their misinformation; despite the focus on Russia spreading misinformation on the United States’ presidential election through Facebook, Western media hardly make a mention of China doing the same. The reason is that the Chinese with their ill gotten wealth have been buying up shares in Western media companies, or implanting their own people in the company as has happened in Voices of America, thereby silencing any dissenters and critics through banning any of their publications, as they had attempted to do so with the University of Cambridge, while elevating any authors and writers that are shining China’s proverbial shoes.

Colonisation by emigration

The Chinese are not satisfied with just corrupting from top down, but they are also subverting free societies by sending its people as emigrants into countries of the free world. There is a saying that if you repeat a lie long enough and as widespread as possible, the lie becomes a truth; this is exactly what the Chinese are doing. A rather recent academic report in Hong Kong shown that Chinese immigrants into Hong Kong would not necessarily support the concept of a free and democratic society, and it may actually take more than a few generations if lucky to turn their perception around; yet in that time, these “immigrants” would be swayed by their ethnic fraternities to provide support and voice to the China agenda, believing that they are being patriots of their motherland. In Australia, there are Chinese ethnic fraternities that calls for the “unification” of Taiwan with China, which are later discovered to be closely linked with China’s Unified Front and propaganda department. It has been revealed that these fraternities would rally its people to hold demonstration whenever a political situation arise that threatens China’s interests, such as the controversy over the South Seas with the Philippines, where these Chinese immigrants are called to march in protest against the international maritime court’s ruling; or some are sent to harass China dissenters, such as the international movement to have China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival banned. While there are counter voices amongst the ethnic Chinese communities overseas, by sending waves upon waves of Chinese emigrants from China, those counter voices are drowned out.

Asides from which, another common phenomenon is emigration via marriage, whereby a Chinese woman would marriage someone from outside of China – sometimes in false marriages or sometimes for real – in order to emigrate from China. Once in their overseas marriage, these women would often “whisper” into their husbands’ ears of what China is “actually” like, and more often than not, these men would believe in their wives and in turn spread misinformation amongst their own circles. This phenomenon has been labelled by some as “vachina”, or as I would put it: the spy who shagged me, but it’s not limited to these overseas marriages but also work within friendships and between work colleagues. This constant looping of the China line propaganda as a mantra works most effectively this way, and often one can find its victims throughout popular social media, such as the Frenchman who proclaimed after the Las Vegas shooting that China is so much safer than America due to its absolute denial of people’s rights to bear arms and thus present a threat to authoritarianism.

Another method of Chinese colonialism in free countries has been using mass immigration to countries to force its own majority upon other nations, as had happened in a case in Richmond, Canada. What happened was that an apartment complex was slowly bought up by Chinese immigrants until they had the majority, and in their residential meetings these Chinese decided that the language medium be changed from English to Mandarin, despite that there are other residents there who were not Chinese. These non-Chinese residents would naturally protest at being linguistically excluded and shunned from these residential meetings but their voices was slammed as racist and xenophobic, the false claims against these non-Chinese residents would often find its way onto local news, and in the politically correct and abuse of multiculturalism environment in the West, the public were unsympathetic towards those excluded residents, even helping the Chinese to ostracise these rightfully unhappy residents. In the Richmond case, the resident who brought up the issue was forced to shut up and relocate elsewhere. This situation has found its way into local politics, whereby some of these immigrants would step up for elections in local legislatures or city councils, presenting China’s voices and influencing local issues according to China’s interest, as well as providing a barrier against voices of dissent in the community. An example had already been provided above in the case of Jian Yang, who has been discovered to have worked with the intelligence division in China’s People’s Liberation Army, as well as having ties with the United Front Department.

China’s Three-Prong Neo-colonisation

Ultimately, what China is attempting to achieve via migration, influencing and controlling foreign governments, and offering economic and financial incentives is a three-prong attack to colonise the rest of the world, thereby turning the entire world into multiple “special administrative regions”. In Australia, some localists there have already sarcastically deemed their country as China’s “great southern province”, as they have the foresight to see what is happening in their country with the Chinese buying up businesses, land holdings and essential facilities left, right and centre. In China’s 19th National Communist Party Congress, Xi Jinping has thus declared to their “cells” around the world that it is China’s will to bring the world in line with the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda, thereby ensuring their safety and continuing to exist.