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Western hypocrisy

Western hypocrisy

In recent days, the Western world was in an uproar at a high school in Taiwan, when a group of students and their homeroom teacher dressed up in Nazi uniforms for a school parade, with the teacher cosplaying Hitler himself. There were also some unsavoury remarks made in jest during the parade, altogether so offensive that the Israeli embassy protested to the Taiwan government, who then forced the school principal to step down and punished the school by withdrawing government financial assistance. The news of this went viral online, with everyone lambasting the Taiwanese students for a serious case of bad taste, while the students themselves sought to defend their actions – albeit pathetically – and accused the global community for ganging up on them.

Making light of Nazis is certainly very, very bad taste and highly insensitive to the lives lost in the Holocaust during the Second World War, but it is also unfair that the students were ganged upon by the free world. The offense is justified, no argument there, but it is hypocrisy that everyone do not find another political power offensive, a power that is no different from the Nazis, and a power that has been around since 1949: china.

The Nazis’ greatest crime against humanity was committing genocide upon the Jewish and Gypsy population in Europe, herding them into concentration camps to do hard labour, and ended their lives in gas chambers or shot. The Nazis were also guilty of persecuting homosexuals, those born with defects, communists and many more, whose difference from the Nazi “norm” made them target in the Nazis’ crazy for national and racial purity. The Nazis placed the state above everyone, where people existed to serve the state, the Nazi party and its leadership.

However, aren’t the Nazis’ actions EXACTLY what china is doing in its own country and around the world as I write and we speak? Yet, where is the people’s indignation? Where is the people’s horror? Where is the people’s utter disgust?  It is HYPOCRISY that the Western world often romanticise about Maoism, offer apologetics for the chinese communist party, and completely ignoring the genocidal atrocities committed by china, even if it’s happening right under everyone’s noses!! Worse, some of those in the Western world would dress up as chinese communist red guards in their private Halloween and other dress up parties!

The chinese have been committing genocide in Tibet via policies, banning Tibetan culture and language to be taught, only making a show of tolerance in designated areas for international tourists. The oppression is so overbearing, that Tibetans have resorted to immolating themselves, hoping to appeal to the conscience in their chinese overlords and attract international attention. Their acts of self-sacrifice were lost on deaf ears: the chinese regime welcomed these Tibetans’ deaths; the chinese people applauded the ethnic cleansing because they believed the lie that Tibetans are a derivative of Han culture, and thus should be cleansed to unify everyone under one language and culture; and the world only gave the Tibetans a “oh so sad, too bad” response, instead of laying pressure on their own governments to force china to stop. The excuse for some of these Westerners? Oh, it’s a cultural difference thing, we shouldn’t mess with other peoples’ culture.

The chinese regime in East Turkestan, otherwise known as Xinjiang, have acted the same against the Uighurs and other Islamic minorities living in that region. Uighurs were made to eat during the Muslim Ramadan, when it was forbidden for Muslims to eat during the day; some were made to eat pork and drink alcohol when it was forbidden to do so in Islamic teachings; their languages were forbidden in schools where students were punished for not using the chinese language; and Uighurs were not allowed to congregate without chinese approval. What have the rest of the world do about it? Abso-bloody-lutely NOTHING! Uighur exiles have went around the world to plead their case, as Tibetan exiles had also done, but the West did not bother to lift one finger to help! Why? Because the West wants to do business with china!

Okay, some of you would argue that news don’t travel well within and out of china, it would be natural that there is not much uproar in the rest of the world, where people remain ignorant about the atrocities committed by the chinese. However, similar acts against humanity have occurred in Hong Kong, though mostly bloodless they are nevertheless genocidal and designed for ethnic cleansing. The world’s media are in Hong Kong, they are not oblivious to what had been happening in Hong Kong, but do we find the West abhorred? No. The free world’s government really couldn’t care less! What about the general populace of the free world? Neither do they care, as many of them believe in the propaganda that china have spread around the world, in turn chastising Hong Kongers for refusing to be the chinese that we are supposed to be, assisting china by pointing fingers at Hong Kong independence advocates and localists.

The damn mao (may he rot in hell) committed murder many times greater than Hitler did in the Holocaust, or the Nanking Massacre by the Japanese army, yet many left-wing advocates and adherents see mao as an aspiration, praising him for uniting a country torn by war and civil in-fighting, completely ignoring his role in order a mass purge of people due to their ideologies, eradicating traditional languages and cultures passed down for thousands of years in the Cultural Revolution, forcing Buddhist nuns and monks to marry and eat meat, his megalomania causing tens of thousands of people to starve or succumb to cannibalism, encouraging people to assault their parents and teachers, casting all morals and ethics to the wind. His red guards went on a witch-hunt to purge China of everyone who would dare speak out truthfully, often using cruel and inhumane tortures to force people to confess to crimes they have not commit. All of these gross atrocities are historically recorded for posterity, freely available in the free world to know about and be abhorred, but do the world see the damn mao (may he rot in hell) for the monster he is? No, people make all sorts of excuses for him.

Finally, prior to these Taiwanese students’ insensitive act of making fun of the Nazis and their victims, a chinese couple wore the same style of Nazi costumes for their wedding shoot, yet their act was reported in a few newspaper and none was made more of it. So why are these Taiwanese high school students singled out for a witch-hunt? In the words of the Lord Christ: Do not tell someone about the splinter in their eye, when you have a log in your own. You hypocrites! First take the log out of your own eye, only then can you see clearly the splinter in the other person’s eye!