Junius Ho praised thugs in white, Queen’s College students and STAFF issued petition in condemnation

Junius Ho praised thugs in white, Queen’s College students and STAFF issued petition in condemnation

An incident of assault happened at Yuen Long Station last night (21st July), whereby a gang dressed in white that had been demonstrating at Kai Tei, suddenly forced their way into the station armed with poles and began attacking local residents, journalists and members of LegCo. In videos circulating online, LegCo member Junius Ho Kwan Yiu could been seen applauding and shaking the hands of the men in white and telling them that "you all are my heroes". Students and teachers at Queen’s College signed a petition in condemnation of their alumnus.

According to report, a large number of students, teachers and alumni started a signature campaign against Queen’s College alumnus and lawmaker Junius Ho for siding with mobs, an act that was disgusting and brought shame to their school, calling for fellow legislators to impeach Ho and urged alumni to lodge formal complaints with the Law Society of which Ho is a member.

A gang dressed in white tops attacked local residents at Yuen Long Station well into the night last night. In a video clip circulating online, Junius Ho was shown wearing a white shirt walking along on Fung Yau Street North at Kai Tei in Yuen Long with another man wearing grey, clapping in applause while those at the scene was clapping as well in response with continuous calls of “support”. Ho approached one person wearing a white shirt, suspected of having participated at the Kai Tei demonstration, who gave him a thumbs-up in praise whilst holding the Regional Flag of Hong Kong and with his mask partially removed and exposing the person’s face. Junius Ho then gave the person a handshake whilst saying “thanks for your hard work” in encouragement, with the white-shirt person responding with “it was nothing”.

A bunch of men wearing masks were also at the scene seen shaking hands with Junius Ho, with someone saying “you are my idol”, with Ho seemingly  saying in reply “you lot are my heroes.” Ho later made a video recording confirming the incident and defending those people, saying that they were merely “safeguarding their district and nation”, while making the counter-argument that “people who approached the gathering were just asking for trouble”. He also accused reporters of being troublemakers, saying that an independent commission of inquiry into the operation of media and journalists should be established and see if registration for press badges had been granted indiscriminately approved.