Inappropriate and Regretful: Israeli Consulate reacts to Hong Kong Polices comparison of the Seven Cops Trial to the Jewish Holocaust

"Inappropriate and Regretful": Israeli Consulate reacts to Hong Kong Police's comparison of the "Seven Cops Trial" to the Jewish Holocaust

More than ten thousand Hong Kong police officers attended a rally held in Mong Kok last night (February 22, 2017) in support of "The Seven Cops", who had been found guilty and sentenced to 2 years in prison for assaulting a protester during the Umbrella Revolution in October 2014. During the rally last night, a police officer drew a comparison between the Hong Kong Police and Jews in World War II, as he claimed that police officers have been under siege from the Hong Kong public in a way that is similar to how Jews were persecuted and massacred in the Holocaust.

During the Holocaust, approximately 6 million European Jews (representing two-thirds of the 9 million Jews residing in Europe) were killed by Nazi Germany and its allies. Among them, 1.5 million were children.

Today we asked the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong to comment on the police officer's statement. The following is their official reply:

Below is the statement issued by the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong: 

Without relating to the trial of the seven police officers, the alleged statement at the rally yesterday that made a reference to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany is inappropriate and regretful. We wish no further comparison will be made to the Jewish Holocaust. 

Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong

Original Text in Chinese 中文原文:
警察自比如猶太人受迫害 以色列領事館回覆本報:表示遺憾