Reviving Classical China is about de-colonisation

Reviving Classical China is about de-colonisation

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Hong Kong is an ethnic Chinese society having been twice-governed by a colonial regime – first the British and then the Chinese – which had been two different kinds of social engineering, the purpose of which was to hinder the revitalization of Hong Kong’s social system and Hong Kongers establishing their own character. The two different types of colonial rule are not about two wrongs making a right, nor would the two cancelling each other out bring a better outcome for Hong Kong.

The Chinese side had been the worst. The communist rule of China had been to communize the nation:

.The murder of intellectuals
.Destroying “the Four Olds” (i.e. customs, culture, habits and ideas)
.Wiping out its upper class society
.Carrying out a fast-paced Soviet style social construction project
.Requisitioning peasant landholdings
.Tearing down the rural community, religious confraternities, guilds (secret societies) and other traditional organisations

After the Chinese Economic Reform, the Communist Party quickly trashed socialism and turned China toward capitalism, and contrasted with Russian socialism the Chinese were quicker in its social construction undertaking. The two together again doesn’t make two wrongs right but pushing China towards the lions’ den and wolves’ lair, each case doubly traumatising the country, transforming China into a mental patient that is beyond help. From General Secretary Xi Jinping to a famer in Henan, they are all patients beyond all help.

The Chinese people are beyond help, Hong Kongers are ailing

Hong Kong’s predicament is the same as China’s; it is only that our British colonial social construction development took 150 odd years, somewhat slow and prudent, that our sickness had not been great. Post-British colonial Hong Kongers are also ill but their sickness is not as serious and therefore still manages to work and live despite of it, but to take on the plague that is communist rule with an ailing condition is beyond Hong Kongers, for after any trifle confrontations there would be those who would betray us, leading the general public into surrender. What the British colonial rule left behind is riddled with ailments and cannot be used to combat against Communist China domination; after struggling for twenty years since 1997, it has proved that Hong Kong’s use of so-called universal values, civil society, human rights, rule of law and other such things to battle Communist China is in vain. Furthermore, these things have been defeated ever since treasonous Hong Kongers decided to collaborate with Communist China. Where did these treasonous collaborators come from? It is exactly the aforementioned British colonial governance where these collaborators were nourished and nurtured.

Prior to the Second World War, Britain’s political expenditure had not been great, for with the rapidly growing number of Chinese refugees, as well as the indecisive attitude Nationalist and Communist China have had towards whether or not to take back sovereignty of Hong Kong, the British had no plan to interfere with Hong Kong’s ethnic Chinese community. Hong Kong’s civil society was thus preserved on the whole, what changed was the social order for upper class society, transforming it into a modern, Anglicised community, where ethnic Chinese compradors sided with the British to assist in governing lower class ethnic Chinese. Before the British administration even withdrew from Hong Kong, these compradors already began colluding with Communist China, preparing for their role as brokers in selling out Hong Kong.

Rediscovering Classical China and Britain age old traditions can Hong Kong combat Communist China

If Hong Kong is to combat against and confront Communist China and protect itself, we cannot just employ our heritage from the British colonial days but must retrieve the ancient traditions of Classical China as well as the age old traditions from Britain and Europe. In using the British colonial days’ rule of law, human rights, civil disobedience and peaceful resistance, they can only last so long; for once Communist China has seen through Hong Kongers’ arsenal, and without Classical China and Britain’s traditions of chivalry as our support, they will bring the judicial system to bear on protesters, using spies to divide our organisations and disintegrate our resolve, and prop up a band of youths advocating Hong Kong independence to infiltrate Hong Kong localist faction, destroying it from within after hijacking the localist movement. This group of youths advocating Hong Kong independence often have on the tip of their tongues about opposing the useless seniors and elder generations, but the way they collude with Communist China and selling out Hong Kong is more or less the same as those elder generations, if not more despicable.

Since the failure of twenty years of confronting against communism, why are we returning to Classical Chinese culture and British traditions to find our strength? It is exactly because the culture left behind in Hong Kong from our British colonial days do not have a solid foundation, and in addition there is way too much collaborations, compromising and betrayal, that we are in such a mess.

(Image source: Wan Chin’s Facebook)