Deeming the discussion of Hong Kong Students’ use of Mandarin “Hate speech”, Facebook gagged Passion Times’ show host 762

Deeming the discussion of Hong Kong Students’ use of Mandarin “Hate speech”, Facebook gagged Passion Times’ show host 762

Facebook’s guidelines have become increasing difficult to understand. Following Passion Times’ founder Wong Yeung-Tat being banned twice recently from posting in a Facebook group he administers, 762, one of the hosts for Passion Time’s show National Stage, was blocked by Facebook from posting for 24 hours due to an alleged “violation” of Facebook’s Community Standards.

762 initially posted on his Facebook personal account’s wall, discussing his observations of local and immigrant school-age children’s insistence on speaking Mandarin rather than Cantonese, and the local parents’ indifference to their behaviours. His entire post was then removed by Facebook, which claimed that his post did not follow Facebook’s Community Standards. Facebook further claimed that they would proactively remove any posts that “attack others based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, or disability”.

Later, 762 posted a screen capture of his original post onto his Facebook wall. His new post was again removed by Facebook. 762 was blocked from posting for 24 hours, and was unable to use Facebook Messenger to send messages.

(Translation of Facebook’s warning)

We Removed Something You Posted

It looks like something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards. We remove posts that attack people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

(Translation of 762’s post content)

Seven Chuk

Hong Kongers deserve everything coming to them. You think “new immigrants” primary school kids chatting away using the Communist language (i.e., Mandarin) only happens in Hong Kong’s North District? No, it’s happening on Hong Kong Island too, and the dad had been speaking to his kid in Cantonese the entire time. These Hong Konger parents……even if people are willing to sacrifice their lives against Communist China’s incursions, a father that sells out like that will put all these efforts in vain. Oh whatever, you Hong Kong peasants, we shouldn’t have bothered trying.

Earlier this year, Passion Times published an open letter addressed to Facebook, requesting a clarification on their guidelines for granting the Blue Badge verification. Despite the fact that it is a bona fide news organization providing actual news coverage and original content, Passion Times has been unsuccessful in its attempt to get verified by Facebook. At the same time, however, a number of “content farm” Facebook pages have been granted the blue badge by Facebook. At the time of writing, Facebook has yet to respond to Passion Times’ request.